Hello friends and blog readers! I apologize that it has been so long since I have taken the time to sit and write! Things continue on a fast pace around here and even though I have things I would like to share, I cannot often find the time.

However! Yesterday something happened and I just had, HAD to share!

I have a small IPOD shuffle that I have owned for 4 years now. Tony has one as well and carries his with him to work so that he can listen to the Word through song and be encouraged in a very discouraging world. On Wednesday morning I had the idea (I believe it was God’s idea) for me to fill my ipod up with sermons for him to take to work as well.  I sat down and for about 7 minutes filled up my Ipod with 8 hours of sermons. 

Later that night he got home and said that it never worked, it would blink on and off but never play. So, having this happen before, I sat down on Thursday to restore my Ipod to factory settings.

As I went through the motions I had forgotten that I had named my Ipod “Deanna Joy”.  When I hit the “Restore” button, a box comes up and says “Restoring Deanna Joy”.  

immediately, I think of Psalm 23 the end of verse 2 “He restores MY soul.”   WOW, I have had a very very busy couple of months, the last couple of weeks have been even busier and I needed the “restoration” that He offers. 

God quickly reminded me that the way He restores me is for me to take His Word, meditate on it, confess it, AND for me, write it down. 

The Word  is what He uses over and over in my life… His restoration is only a page away, all I have to do is sit down and let the process begin.

So thankful!

Check this out!



Still, He Came

O, Lord my mind cannot fathom this thought,

My heart cannot understand this love;

How Christ knew what He would suffer,

Knew how He would die.

And still, He came.


See, my mind is so selfish,

My heart ever-changing,

My sincerity in question,

And still, He came.


Came for me a human,

Stained with sin, bound in chains.

My life was in rebellion.

And still, He came.


Came out of love so divine,

Washed me clean, shattered my chains,

Came at just the right time,

Yes, He still, came.


Keep this ever before me,

Your cross, Your pain.

Knowing, had I been the only one,

I could still say, “He came.”


Please watch this video about what He did for us.

The first year Tony and I planted a garden, we had just tilled, weeded and planted then the day after we had horrible flooding rains. Our garden plot was at that time much lower than the rest of the yard … something we did NOT pay attention to!  So, our garden seed was washed completely away.  We had to bring in more soil, fertilize it, and replant.  That garden did produce, but very little.  Since that time, we have learned a lot about gardening and continue to learn more and more. Our garden this past spring/and summer, and also fall/winter, has produced more than we can eat. We have been able to share with others!

This morning I was reading in Philippians chapter 4 and saw something for the first time … back tracking… a while back we learned that in Mark 4 and Matthew 13 our hearts are the “soil” Jesus is talking about.  A few blogs ago, I wrote about how we plant the seed.  Now… I want to share what God showed me this morning…. Guarding the seed.

Phil 4:6 says Do not be anxious about ANYTHING but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER, and PETITION, with THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God.

If you read the other blog you will pick up that all of the ways we present our requests to God are with our WORDS!

Verse 7 And the PEACE of GOD which transcends ALL understanding (this means some of your friends may think you are crazy), will GUARD your HEARTS (THE SOIL WHICH WE HAVE PLANTED THE SEED/WORD) and your MINDS in Christ Jesus (Under His blood).

See, the enemy will send the rain… troubles, worry, circumstances out of our control, dr’s. reports, and so on… but when we follow verse 6, we receive verse 7 which is like putting up a stone wall around our soil! 

Thank you Lord for Your sweet guarding peace!

Author Of My Life


Today the sun was not shining.

Today my heart was torn in two.

Today my emotions were in a battle.

And then, I remembered, You!

Author of my life,

In charge of all time

No matter what my eyes may see

This mountain I will climb.

Today I choose to pour it out to You

My hearts desires You know so well

I rehearse them to You anyway

I kneel and cry a spell.

You are the Author of time

I choose to trust You in this

I lay it down once again

And on Your faithfulness, reminisce.

You have brought me from the pit

Rescued my body and soul

You’ve given me a new life in You

One that doesn’t grow old.

Thank You for the tears, You allow

Thank You for the peace You give

Thank You for the arms that hold

On Your Word, I choose to live.

In this world we live in, we all know at any moment, in various ways things, and sometimes people can be taken away from us in a blink of an eye. All of a sudden, what we have placed our yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows hope in, vanishes and we are left with a void.  Thursday night at bible study this scripture was read and the last part of it has not left my spirit.

Luke 11:42 But only one thing is needed, Mary has chosen what is better and it WILL NOT BE TAKEN AWAY FROM HER.

Now the context of this passage is key… Jesus was at Mary and Martha’s house in a small village called Bethany. He was there to visit and to teach. Martha was a whole like I am… worried about making sure everything was done just right, everyone had food, the house was clean and the list never ends does it? Well, her sister Mary was interested in one thing… listening to Jesus, and learning what He wanted. I have to say, I get annoyed easily with the “Mary’s” in my life, there is ALWAYS something to be done and they seem to be content in not doing it!  Why? Well, a true “Mary” has learned what is important. Has learned Who is important, and THAT cannot be taken away.  I don’t like change. In fact, change terrifies me. I want things to stay calm and the same. Well, that is unrealistic. So, what am I to do?  According to this passage, I must learn to sit at the feet of Jesus, listening to Him, putting Him first and this will NOT be taken away. In fact here is another verse that says exactly that.

John 14:26, 27 But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and remind you of what I have said to you. Peace I leave you; my peace I give you I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.


Did you know that you can be so educated and “wise” that you cease getting revelation from God? Truly.

Matthew 11:25 At that time Jesus said, “I praise you Father, Lord of heaven and earth because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to little children.

I know so many people, and I myself have even been there, who are so schooled in theology that they have no faith to just believe the Word. When this happens, we read the Word looking for things to back up our theology instead of seeking revelation from God. And it does not disappoint. We can find scripture after scripture to say what we want it to and then we use that as a destructive weapon against our fellow believers.

I also know a man who is in his early sixties, has two Master degrees in theology and yet has faith like a child when it comes to his Father’s Word.


Matthew 18:3 And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I so desire to just have faith in my Father and in what He says just like a young child has faith in their human father.

There is a song that my boys sing that is a great reminder of this click this to watch and listen.

Read the Word. Speak the Word. Believe the Word.



Mark 4:14 The sower sows the Word.

Abbie and I planted over 150 flower bulbs today. We had Iris bulbs, Poppy bulbs, tulip bulbs (My personal favorite), Lilly bulbs, and Snow Glory bulbs in mixed sizes and colors.  It was a lot of fun strategizing where they would be planted and imagining them springing up from the ground next March or April.

I have been thinking about those bulbs the past few days and I have felt God teaching me something. As we know, the Word teaches us in Matthew 17 that our faith is a SEED. Well, my family and I have a garden that we plant mainly by seed. Some seeds spring up within a few days of planting, others like beets can take up to 2 weeks to show life. Even though those 2 weeks seem like a VERY long time to me, a bulb takes even longer!  See, we plant a bulb in the ground in the month of October here in Louisiana, we wait 5 or sometimes even 6 months before we see any fruit of our labor! WHEW! THAT is a long time! 

I started thinking about how faith is a seed we sow into our circumstances. We read the Word, get a Rhema word from God and “plant” that word by confessing and believing it. Well, I don’t know about you but sometimes, my faith has to go through some cold winter months before it starts showing fruit. Sometimes, I have to keep going back to the Word and remembering I planted it!

Come Spring things will be very colorful in our flower beds. I am trusting that the “Spring Time” of our circumstances and needs will be showing new life from the faith we are sowing into them.

I am a pretty simple-minded person and so I am thankful that God uses simple lessons to teach me!