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For over a year I have found myself in some pretty dark places… Places where I wondered if God had forgotten me and my family, places where the enemy assured me, He had. Places where people I trusted became people I realized I never knew. Places where I had to choose…

I dont know for sure, but I would bet you’ve been here too. Trying to find the Light in all of this, trying to find sense, meaning, purpose.

This morning I read this verse: “You are all children of the Day and children of the Light. We do belong to the night or the darkness.” 1Thess 5:5

Breathe that in. I, Deanna, do NOT belong to the night or to the darkness. You don’t either. Isn’t that good to know. Have you ever felt like you did? I have for sure. But, my feelings dont dictate truth.

I not only do not belong to the darkness of circumstances I bring light to them, because I am a child of the Day, a child of the Light.



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3 Years…


Can you believe its been 3 years since I have written here? WOW… I remember a time where when I would go one day, I would be bursting with so much to write, ¬†and I could barely stand it. 3 years… a lot has happened in 3 years.. one child has gotten married, had their own child, one child graduated highschool and is now in their 3rd semester of college… one child is growing into an independent, strong young lady who is learning to fight her battles in a wiser way.

I began a new career in the past three years, my husband has done the same. We have hurt, we have learned. We have grown.

This morning, I picked up a bible study that I never finished. I started it in July 2014… over 2 years ago. I was in a desperate place back then.. things were happening that confused me, and pushed me towards all I knew, which was the Word.

I worked on this study hit and miss for a bit, and then put it to the side when things became even more painful in our growing process. When I opened it up this morning, I saw that I had put it to the side with only 2 days left of the 10 week study… wow… Deanna, wow.

I dug in and started the day before the last… crazy enough, the author wanted me to write down some of the happenings of the past 18 months… eek… I will confess, I didn’t want to. Somehow, not writing them down, not talking about them, is easier… but… I wrote. And I cried. At least I was by myself. I despise crying in front of others.

Tomorrow, I will finish that study… but today, today, I am going to bask in the fact that God knew I would put it down… and He knew I would pick it back up at just the right time…For such a time as this.

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