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The Way I See YOU!

My Lord,

You are gentle as a lamb

You are bold as a lion!


You are water to the thirsty

You are life to the barren!


You are the light in the darkness

You are hope to the hopeless.


You are strength to the weak

You are the answer that we seek.


You are the peace we long for

You are the Conquering Warrior!


You are all these and more

You are the all consuming fire!


My child,

You are the light of my eyes

You are the reason He died.


You are the joy in My song

You are the way I right, the wrongs.


You are My hands, My feet

You are My mouth, planting the Word, the Seed.


You are My arms bringing My love

You are the one bringing the hope from above.


You are all these things and MORE!

You are now the Conquering Warrior!


GO, pull the heavens down to earth

NEVER questioning your worth!


GO turn the world upside down

I am IN YOU! In YOU, I am found!




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