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What or WHO?

ImageLast night we had our first Small group meeting for our new church. Our pastor started by asking us about what we considered a “stronghold”? Many had answers such as, “greed, lust, bitterness, self,” and so on. A friend of mine spoke up and said something I have often thought of and even shared with a few people. “A stronghold used to be looked at in a good light, a place of refuge.”

Of course many of us who have been taught spiritual warfare, know the term in it’s new testament form, meaning a mindset against the will and ways of God. To simplify this even more, I see it as anything that we find rest, or security in other than God.

This morning I read Psalm 62… such a powerful chapter… Read it here.

The very first verse…

“Only in God do I find rest; my salvation comes from him.”

Verse 2. “Only God is my rock and my salvation- my stronghold!- I won’t be shaken anymore.”

This morning when I read this, I heard clearly in my spirit the voice of God. “When your stronghold is a ‘what’ you are on shaky ground. When your Stronghold is a ‘Who’, you will not be shaken any longer.”

The very next verse talks about the stronghold of gossip, tearing down others… how often we use this as our “refuge”, our way of making ourselves feel better.

Verse 9 talks about us putting our hope in mankind…

Verse 10 talks about the stongholds of anger and greed…

There are many, many strongholds that we run to instead of God. But none of them are “Unshakeable” ground. They will shake, they will crumble, and they will cause us to shake and crumble in not only our walk with God, but our walk with other believers.

Ask God to reveal any area that you keep running to. Confess it, and turn it over to Him, memorize and SPEAK verses that combat whatever it is… such as if your stronghold is greed, you need to focus on contentment. Lust… you need to focus on purity. Bitterness… you need to focus on forgiveness and love.

God is so good! I choose to make Him my Stronghold today. Running to His arms! I have been reminded of a song I wrote a couple of years ago based on Psalm 61 and 62. If you have time check out the words.

Have a blessed, victorious day!



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Striving To Rest

Heb 4:11 Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience.


Have you ever read a scripture, underlined that scripture, perhaps even memorized or quoted that scripture, and yet DID NOT understand it? You always felt like it was just out of your grasp? Well, I have. The above passage is just like that. For a long while now, I have known this verse in my mind, but only in the past 6 weeks has my spirit known what this means for Deanna.

You see Hebrews 3:7- 4:16 is all about something that I was trying really hard to get to in my own efforts… the “rest” of belief in God’s Word.

I have heard His voice(3:7) and most of the time, I have NOT rebelled outwardly… but what about in my belief?

This is an area where no one can do it for us… my husband, my children, my friends, my pastor, my co-workers… no one can believe for me… no one can enter the rest that believe brings, for me.

As I studied this passage again yesterday, I was so encouraged to finally understand it! Not just with my head, but with my spirit man. See, the very first service of the New Year, God gave me a vision of what He wants for me and my desires. He gave me clear direction on how to direct those desires and see them fulfilled. And I have NEVER had so much lasting rest from striving… However! As I read verse 11 of chapter 4, it kind of seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? “Make every effort to enter that rest…” Why do I have to make every effort??? TO REST???

Because, the enemy will always try to derail us! Bringing back emotions, or doubt, or strife to make us think we mis-heard God, or maybe He is faithful to His Word in everyone else life, but maybe not mine… maybe because of everything I have done, I am exempt to God’s faithfulness…  Does anyone else deal with this or is it just me?

So, how do we make every effort??

#1 Stay in God’s Word with His Word TO YOU in front of your eyes and coming out of your mouth! (Romans 10:8-11)

#2 Keep people around you who will encourage you to hold fast to God’s Word and who will pray with you.  (Eph 4:29, 32, Heb 10:23-25,35,)

The rest of the verse causes the mom in me to shudder….

“..so that no one will fall by following their example of disobedience.”

My children are watching me, the people I speak to are watching me, those the Lord has given me to minister to, they are also watching me… they follow… may I not be the reason they fall but rather that they keep running the race, and hold fast to the Word.

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