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Hello friends and blog readers! I apologize that it has been so long since I have taken the time to sit and write! Things continue on a fast pace around here and even though I have things I would like to share, I cannot often find the time.

However! Yesterday something happened and I just had, HAD to share!

I have a small IPOD shuffle that I have owned for 4 years now. Tony has one as well and carries his with him to work so that he can listen to the Word through song and be encouraged in a very discouraging world. On Wednesday morning I had the idea (I believe it was God’s idea) for me to fill my ipod up with sermons for him to take to work as well.  I sat down and for about 7 minutes filled up my Ipod with 8 hours of sermons. 

Later that night he got home and said that it never worked, it would blink on and off but never play. So, having this happen before, I sat down on Thursday to restore my Ipod to factory settings.

As I went through the motions I had forgotten that I had named my Ipod “Deanna Joy”.  When I hit the “Restore” button, a box comes up and says “Restoring Deanna Joy”.  

immediately, I think of Psalm 23 the end of verse 2 “He restores MY soul.”   WOW, I have had a very very busy couple of months, the last couple of weeks have been even busier and I needed the “restoration” that He offers. 

God quickly reminded me that the way He restores me is for me to take His Word, meditate on it, confess it, AND for me, write it down. 

The Word  is what He uses over and over in my life… His restoration is only a page away, all I have to do is sit down and let the process begin.

So thankful!

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