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Still, He Came

O, Lord my mind cannot fathom this thought,

My heart cannot understand this love;

How Christ knew what He would suffer,

Knew how He would die.

And still, He came.


See, my mind is so selfish,

My heart ever-changing,

My sincerity in question,

And still, He came.


Came for me a human,

Stained with sin, bound in chains.

My life was in rebellion.

And still, He came.


Came out of love so divine,

Washed me clean, shattered my chains,

Came at just the right time,

Yes, He still, came.


Keep this ever before me,

Your cross, Your pain.

Knowing, had I been the only one,

I could still say, “He came.”


Please watch this video about what He did for us.


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