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The first year Tony and I planted a garden, we had just tilled, weeded and planted then the day after we had horrible flooding rains. Our garden plot was at that time much lower than the rest of the yard … something we did NOT pay attention to!  So, our garden seed was washed completely away.  We had to bring in more soil, fertilize it, and replant.  That garden did produce, but very little.  Since that time, we have learned a lot about gardening and continue to learn more and more. Our garden this past spring/and summer, and also fall/winter, has produced more than we can eat. We have been able to share with others!

This morning I was reading in Philippians chapter 4 and saw something for the first time … back tracking… a while back we learned that in Mark 4 and Matthew 13 our hearts are the “soil” Jesus is talking about.  A few blogs ago, I wrote about how we plant the seed.  Now… I want to share what God showed me this morning…. Guarding the seed.

Phil 4:6 says Do not be anxious about ANYTHING but in EVERYTHING by PRAYER, and PETITION, with THANKSGIVING, present your requests to God.

If you read the other blog you will pick up that all of the ways we present our requests to God are with our WORDS!

Verse 7 And the PEACE of GOD which transcends ALL understanding (this means some of your friends may think you are crazy), will GUARD your HEARTS (THE SOIL WHICH WE HAVE PLANTED THE SEED/WORD) and your MINDS in Christ Jesus (Under His blood).

See, the enemy will send the rain… troubles, worry, circumstances out of our control, dr’s. reports, and so on… but when we follow verse 6, we receive verse 7 which is like putting up a stone wall around our soil! 

Thank you Lord for Your sweet guarding peace!


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Author Of My Life


Today the sun was not shining.

Today my heart was torn in two.

Today my emotions were in a battle.

And then, I remembered, You!

Author of my life,

In charge of all time

No matter what my eyes may see

This mountain I will climb.

Today I choose to pour it out to You

My hearts desires You know so well

I rehearse them to You anyway

I kneel and cry a spell.

You are the Author of time

I choose to trust You in this

I lay it down once again

And on Your faithfulness, reminisce.

You have brought me from the pit

Rescued my body and soul

You’ve given me a new life in You

One that doesn’t grow old.

Thank You for the tears, You allow

Thank You for the peace You give

Thank You for the arms that hold

On Your Word, I choose to live.

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