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This last couple of weeks, I have read  a couple of times and now have heard a message on the woman at the well. John chapter 4.

Then this morning I was reading in John 1 and the LORD really brought out some things to me.

This woman, the disciples of John the Baptist, and Nathanael were all looking for something. They all needed something that they were desperate for. Piper states that the disciples followed Christ because He was “The Sin Remover”. In John 1 :29 John says,” Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” I don’t know what this does to you, but when I read it, I hear, ” Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of Deanna Gott!” This makes me want to cry, dance, and sing all at once! No other, thing or person that we seek after can blot out our SIN!!!!

Next, Jesus asked the disciples in verse 38, ” What are you seeking?” knowing full well that He was the Answer. They of course answered badly, just as the woman, just as I do when He asks me a question.  But somewhere in their staying with Him, ( the next few verses) something changed, They saw that they were indeed seeking, and they FOUND! Verse 41, “We have found the Messiah“.

The great thing is, if you read John 1 and John 4 you will find that they who found Christ, did not keep it to themselves! In fact, it seemed impossible for them to do so! They had to go and tell others, no matter their own past failures, no matter others disbelief, it did not matter. Why? Because they had FOUND something they had searched for and knew others were searching for as well. In fact John 4:41-42, The people of Samaria told the lady that they now KNEW He was the Savior of The World! Why? Because she had risked the ridicule of those who had made her an outcast and TOLD them she had found what she sought after!

This has been very humbling to me and has spurred on a desire to go and tell others what I have found! The Sin Remover, Who takes away the sin of Deanna Gott and not just me, but you too!


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Isaiah 6:1

In the year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord sitting upon a throne, high and lifted up; and the train His robe filled the temple.


Today, I am overwhelmed with life. I just got back from a trip so I am tired. I am not feeling very well. I am discouraged with the present leadership of this country and want to bury my head in the sand for the next four years hoping that we will choose with more wisdom in 2012. Of course, none of this really matters to eternity. But I feel as if it matters today. I read the above passage this morning in my time with the Lord and as I am feeling this overwhelmed feeling today, I have had to put my mind on the fact that He, THE LORD, is high and lifted up! Above all that weighs my heart down, above all that I can and cannot see, above the trials of today and He sees it all. I have to remember that He gives me grace through every trial and feeds my with the Living Bread.

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